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Thanks to its arc-shaped frame, the canopy model PICASSO is suitable to protect all kinds of camper vans, with and without mansard.
Its particular design - which can also bear snow weight - makes it suitable also for winter use.
Like for all the other RIPA canopies, the installation of PICASSO is realized with ropes fixed to the floor through zinc-coated anchors which are "screwed" into the soil (soil may be of any kind with exception of made ground). This system makes installation simple, immediate and with no need to carry out building works, and gives to the canopy a removable feature.
The die-cast aluminium connecting joints, which are reinforced with an internal steel core, make the frame very strong and resistant to the wind or other stresses.
The upper cover is obtained with a polyethylene tarpaulin which is available in different colours, non-toxic, UV-resistant and water repellent but transpiring (certified self-extinguishing or PVC tarpaulin on demand). It is possible to fit a rear head to protect the camper van motor during winter months as well as a front head with a mobile shaped tarpaulin.
Increasing the size of the upper tarpaulin it is possible to obtain a lateral protection having various heights which, together with the rear head and the shaped front tarpaulin, creates a real camper van box offering the maximum protection.
All necessary components to install the canopy as well as clear and detailed assembly instructions are included in the supply.


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